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Advion ant bait gel is specifically formulated to be attractive to all major species of ants, including little black ants, carpenter ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, and more. Advion ant gel contains the new active ingredient, Indoxacarb, a powerful, nonrepellent insecticide. The slight delay in death caused by Indoxacarb encourages ants to eat the bait and return to the nest site to share the bait with other ants, killing the entire colony. Using Advion will help eliminate ants within days of application.

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Advion®Ant Gel is an innovative technology that can be used in a variety of sensitive situations for effective ant control. It contains indoxacarb, a unique active ingredient which is bio-activated to its highly insecticidal form by the ant’s metabolism, balancing targeted ant control and environmental impact. Advion®Ant Gel is designed to fit all ant feeding preferences. Whatever the species or the season, it remains highly palatable and provides reliable, broad-spectrum ant control

Key Features

  • Advion® Ant Gel bait targets all key pest species of ants
  • Highly attractive, homogenous formulation
  • Adapted to all ant feeding preferences
  • Contains indoxacarb, the only member of its class of chemistry (Oxadiazines)
  • Bio-activation of the active ingredient by the insect enzymes
  • Favourable environmental profile
  • A true gel formulation, the ideal viscosity for all situations

Key Benefits

  • Innovative and powerful tool for broad-spectrum ant control
  • Thorough control of the ant colony
  • The translucent, odorless, non-staining gel formulation maintains its integrity for extended periods
  • Adapted to a variety of use sites: residential, commercial, industrial, public and institutional, indoors and outdoors


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  1. Peter Dhillon

    A carpet ant’s worst nightmare, i’ll be back for more!

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