Southern AG Liquid Copper Fungicide

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Southern AG Liquid Copper Fungicide is the best way to protect all kinds of plants from problems caused by bacteria and fungi, including all kinds of algae and ball moss. All these diseases can cause serious issues with your garden, algae on your lawn, or the trees on your property. That is why you need liquid copper fungicide protection against these bacteria and fungi based issues and the best protection is Southern AG Liquid Copper Fungicide.

Ideal for garden and turf care

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Add Southern AG Liquid Copper Fungicide to your arsenal because it:

• Controls diseases caused by bacteria & fungi

• New formulation works well with hose end sprayers

• Labeled for control of moss and algae

CONTAINS: 27.15% Copper diammonia diacetate complex (8% Metallic Copper Equivalent, 0.772 lbs per gallon)

USE ON: Many fruits, vegetables, turfgrass (algae control), live oak (spanish moss control) and ornamentals

CONTROLS: Many bacterial and fungal leaf spots, rust, blights. Also controls algae in turfgrass and moss in live oaks.

RATE: For most ornanentals and vegetables use between 2 to 6 tsp. per gallon.

Weight 0.35 kg

8oz, 16oz

2 reviews for Southern AG Liquid Copper Fungicide

  1. Clara Bennett

    Bought this as my tomato plants were getting ravaged, bought this and saw the difference in days

  2. Brandon

    We have a very aggressive fungus on our azalea and rhoto bushes, we have 15 bushes so buying a concentrate was really our only option. We are two treatments over two weeks) into using this and we can see a very noticeable improvement in our bushes. We were worried that they wouldn’t make it but I think they will all be fine now that we have been using this stuff. This is a great price for the quantity it makes, we use about 1.5 gallons each treatment and the bottle contains enough concentrate to make over 40 gallons. Well worth the money. We had been buying been oil, which does work but is very expensive in large quantities.

    There is a dark blue tint to the liquid which helps to know when it is fully mixed. I recommend a pump garden sprayer to apply if you’re working with multiple large bushes.

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