Precor 2000 Plus Premise Spray


Precor 2000 Plus is a premise spray used for killing fleas, ticks, and other indoor pests.  While eggs and larvae are inhibited from maturing with methoprene. Methoprene remains active indoors and prevents re-infestation for 7 months.

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Featuring the active ingredient (S)-methoprene, Precor® 2000 Plus Premise Spray is an ideal insect growth regulator (IGR) for fleas offering up to seven months of protection. This broad-spectrum insecticide contains two synergists for fast knockdown power. Zoëcon’s Precor® 2000 is a versatile flea control solution with a coverage area of up to 2,000 sq ft.

  • Fast-acting formula
  • Includes Precor® insect growth regulator plus adulticides
  • Prevents flea build-up and reinfestation for 210 days
  • Single aerosol treats 2,000 sq ft

Fleas and Ticks – will work for two weeks against adult fleas and ticks (adulticide) and kills flea eggs for seven months (Insect Growth Regulator-IGR)
Precor IGR targets fleas in the egg and larval stages of development preventing them from producing new infestations of adults

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